Transgender Counseling

For many years now, in my Bergen County, N.J. practice, I have been counseling individuals with gender identity issues. Any one of you in the transgender community is aware of how difficult it can be to live as a C.D. in our society today. Many of you often have said to me, “Dr. Millian, although I was born a male, I always felt imprisoned in this male body - I truly am a woman.” It works reverse as well; I’ve treated women who have felt themselves to be clearly men. Both situations can be agonizing and life changing.

Transgender individuals are often confused and conflicted by the pressures they bear. A counselor can help you to work through your feelings and assist you in adjusting to the world you choose. You are so correct when you declare “I have to be me!”

Therapy by a Psychologist experienced in transgender counseling will give you the understanding and the support you need to proceed with your life plans.