Treatment Therapies

I am well-known in New Jersey as a Psychologist whose success can be attributed to caring, compassion and over 27 years of solid experience. In addition, I’ve been trained by teachers of excellence in various modalities. Therefore, I am able to draw from different therapy strategies and so doing can offer the most appropriate method(s) for the individual client.


The most important thing to expect during psychological treatment is that a relationship of mutual trust and respect that is critical will be established between therapist and client. These two elements – trust and respect – are the foundation of any relationship and fundamental to successful therapy.

Most anxiety will be allayed after a person walks into my office. I pride myself on being very easy to talk to and always in the context of a comfortable, private and relaxed environment...almost as if you were in your own living room. Of course, utmost confidentiality is assured always.


I have been personally trained by award-winning psychologist and author, Dr. Arnold Lazarus, a pioneer in “Behavior Therapy”. This modality is a powerful tool to help you effect positive changes in behavior and achieve success in the goals you have set for yourself.


I received my training in this area at the renowned New York Institute for Psychotherapy. The basic tenet of this mode of counseling is that it is insight-oriented therapy that focuses on the psychological roots of one’s emotions in order to understand and get past the turmoil of earlier times. Knowledge is power.


This is a successful tool in helping a client change his/her way of thinking and responding. It is very effective and long lasting in making changes in the thinking process. The therapy is goal-oriented and the psychologist is solution-focused to enable you to address your personal goals. This type of counseling is short-term, averaging 12 sessions per client.

Additionally, I have been engaged in a research project that addressed the probability of success of “limited” alcohol consumption of alcoholics, a joint project of Rutgers University and Stanford University. Additionally, my own doctoral dissertation was a research project concerned with breast self-examination of women relating to breast cancer. As a consequence of that project, I worked with the American Cancer Society and conducted sessions with many groups and families involved with cancer and chronic disease.

NJ Therapist Lenore Millian, Ph.D.
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